Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

About being thin

Countless times on the internet you read about people being overweight and happy with it. Which is great, I know some people who are incredibly beautiful and don't have the "perfect weight". It doesn't matter what you weigh, as long as you are happy with it and as long as it doesn't make you sick. Beauty has nothing to do with your size, weight, or the size of your ass. That being said, I want to talk about being too thin.

Thin people tend to get a lot of hate on the internet. They are called anorexic, bag of bones or whatever. I have been called these things too. In real life. To my face. It's true, I am quite thin. I weigh about 5 kg too little for my height. Or maybe a bit more ... But well, here's why: I have no idea. I eat like a normal person, I don't do a lot of sports, I looooove ice cream and chocolate, noodles and carbs in general. I eat fast food and vegetables alike. I like to think of myself as a happy eater. I live quite healthy (at least I keep telling that to myself) and I eat what I enjoy. BUT I don't gain weight. On the contrary: When I'm ill or stressed out I immediately lose a couple of kilos. Without noticing I can lose up to 3 kg a week, which is a whole lot for me. When that happens, my circulatory system stops working properly and I get sick to my stomach and vertigo. So I try to gain the weight again. Which sounds easy but really isn't. It can take me months to gain 3 kg. Months! So yeah, being underweight is not that much fun at all.

What I wanted to say is: Don't hate people just because they are thin. Some people just are. Just as some people are overweight. What matters is, that you are happy and healthy. Love yourself, no matter what size you are wearing. Because when you feel beautiful, people around you notice.

Dienstag, 27. März 2012

NOTD Essie - Swept off my feet

 Mein absoluter Lieblingslack momentan! Essie - Swept off my feet ist ein wunderschönes Himbeerrot, ein wenig pink, aber super alltagstauglich, dank cremefinish ohne jeglichen Schimmer. Mein absolutes Hightlight in diesem Frühlung und der Lack wird mich sicher auch über den Sommer begleiten.

Der Lack deckt in 2 Schichten und hält bei mir ohne Probleme eine Woche lang (mit Essence - Better then gel nails topcoat). Was mich vor das Problem stellt, dass ich ja gar nicht will, dass Nagellacke so lange halten, weil ich so viele hab und gerne andere ausprobiere :) Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte ...
Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen: Dieser Lack ist mein absoluter Favourit der letzten Wochen und wurde auch brav immer wieder in Rotation mit anderen getragen.

Meine Meinung:

+ Haltbarkeit: eine Woche mit Topcoat, mehr kann man eigentlich von keinem Lack erwarten
+ Farbe: ich find ihn toll :)

- Textur: ist zwar leicht aufzutragen und deckt in 2 Schichten, aber die Trocknungszeit ist überdurchschnittlich lang. Auch im Vergleich zu meinen anderen Essielacken. Ich bekomm immer Dellen in den Lack, ganz egal, wie lang ich still in einer Ecke sitze und mich nicht bewege. Fies!

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Hello World!

For months I've been debating whether to start a blog or not. Now it's time. I think I have something to say, something to share. So this is what this blog will be about:

* Makeup! Everything from looks to reviews to nailpolish, everything I can think of.
* Health. I think this is a very important topic and as someone with health issues myself, I think I have some things to share with you that you might find interesting.
* Art. I draw, not as much as I'd like, but I do. And sharing my work gives me a reason to do it. So this is why I want to include this here as well.
* Random stuff. As I like to rant a lot, I think there should also be some room for random bla.

So, this is it, let's see how it turns out :)

xxx, E.